Mary Ellen Taylor Recipes

From my books and my kitchen

Winter Cottage Apple Pie

I love apple pie in all it's variations!  This one uses Granny Smith apples.I like it so much I gave it to Megan in Winter Cottage.  It's love at first bite for Lucy and, possibly, the start of a new friendship--if Lucy stays, of course, which is anybody's guess......

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Lucy’s Chocolate Cake

I'm a huge fan of chocolate. Which makes me a lot like many of the people I know, including several major authors. Sometimes I wonder if my books would get written if not for the chocolate breaks I take along the way. I'm not the only fan of Lucy's version of...

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Jenna’s Maple Cookies

Jenna's recipe box was found behind a wall during renovations in the Union Street Bakery. Her name was in the box, and it turns out she worked at the bakery in the 1940s. Her take on maple cookies is among the many recipes that live on live on, long past her death....

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My Go-To Cookie

Whenever I make cookies for an event or just for the fun of it, I go to this recipe which I’ve used it for years. The addition of the rum extract gives the chocolate an extra pop of flavor that I really enjoy. These are easy to make and they'll make you a superstar...

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