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Guess What hit #1 in Germany!

Winter Cottage released in Germany on Tuesday, February 12th. Now, I'm delighted to share that it's been quite a success! Das Haus and der Bucht hit #6 on the Bild Bestseller List* in Germany. As if that wasn’t fantastic enough, it took the #1 spot in the Kindle Shop...

Sprechen Sie deutsch? Winter Cottage is coming your way!

Winter Cottage releases in Germany Tuesday, February 12th. It always makes me happy to see translation editions reach readers in other countries.  I get such a kick out of imagining them, quite a few of whom go back to my earliest novels, enjoying my words, feet up...

See you there?


I’m Back! Please Join Me at Winter Cottage

Welcome to Winter Cottage! Winter Cottage is my new novel, debuting October 16th. I know it's been a bit of a wait  while I focused elsewhere after my last MET book, but I'm loving being back, digging deep into women's lives, relationships, aspirations and strengths....

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