• Why do you think Jenna hide her box of recipes in the wall at the bakery?  Do you think she sensed her life was about to take an unwanted turn?
  • What is family?  Are genetics necessary to make a ‘real’ family?
  • Why do you think Jenna’s spirit lingered at the Union Street Bakery?
  • What do you think of the relationship between Daisy, Rachel and Margaret?  How have the sisters changed and grown since Daisy’s return home?
  • What do you think has a stronger impact on a child’s life—nature or nurture?
  • Do you think Rachel and Jean-Paul will make it as a couple or would she be happier with Simon?
  • What do you think it was right of Walter’s adoptive parents to keep his adoption a secret from him?
  • Are Terry and Daisy on the road to some kind of reconciliation?

Download both Reader Guides (PDF)

Download all both Reader Guides (.docx)

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